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2020 Autumn Tour  

We had a lot of fun at the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival and it was very nice finally getting home after the 19 gigs that I filled.

2021 will find me back at my regular venues for the next festival once again.

This year I'll be starting my tours from May taking in Bollon, St George and Aramac for their race meeting.

It's nice to have my latest song listed on Spotify iTunes  and many more platforms across the net. These songs are available for download & streaming.

I'll be hitting the road from Friday May 1st with my first gigs at the Werris Railway Hotel then on to Bingara, Bollon St George and so on.

If your in these areas come and say hi, I'de love to catch up with travelers.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope to catch ya on the road soon.

The End Of My 2019 Winter Tour 

Well here I am in Tamworth with my last two gigs to go out of 18 performances.

It's been a great 6 week tour starting at the Wee Waa Country Festival and travelling as far north as Richmond, QLD

I caught up with some of my music friends who I hadn't seen for awhile.

It was lots of fun !

Another Excellent Festival 

Texas Country Muster was awesome with lots of great Walk Up Artist's and regular performers.

The atmosphere was really friendly and the camping was great.

It great to know it will be happening all again in 2020.

Texas Music Festival 

This is my 2nd day here at the festival. So far we have just had the Walk Up artist performing for the last two days.

Tomorrow will find me on stage with a few of my friends for the dinner dance. It's looking like a great weekend ahead.

Have a good one friends...

Bob H.

Nice And Warm In Taroom & Miles 

It's nice the weather has started to warm up. Although we don't want it too hot to bring on the bushfires.

We had a fun night at the Taroom Bowling Club and also secured the same gig for 2020. I'm happy to mention that I secured the Kenmore Park Music Muster for June 2020. That's going to be a first for this ole boy and a lot of fun will be had.

I have a Senior Show to happening in the morning here at Miles and I'm looking forward of seeing their happy faces and reactions to the music.

Then is off to Surat for next weekend with two shows to do before heading back home for my daughter Sam's birthday.

I still have a bit of as croaky voice and hope it clears soon.

Cheers for now...



Back On The Road Again 

This Thursday I'll be back on the road just for a couple of weekends gigging at Miles, Taroom, Surat.

My next big tour will start from the Tamworth area mid October and will take me North to Richmond, QLD for the Melbourne Cup gig.

The whole tour will involve at least 17 gigs.

The End Of Another Great Tour  

Well here we are in good ole Tamworth and at the last weekend of yet another busy tour.

I have a few smaller road trips to venture on leading up to November, then I'll be out once again for another month or so.

In November I'll be touring to Richmond, QLD for the Melbourne Cup, working my way north starting from Tamworth into Nindigully, Surat  Winton ect ect.

Most of the nights have been cold on most of this tour except for a couple of days in Winton were it reached the high 30's.

I love being on the road entertaining,but it's always nice coming home too.

Life Is Great !



Finally In Winton, QLD 

Hi Guys !

So far we have travelled around 1700 klms it's always nice to arrive.

We have arrived here in Winton behind the North Gregory Hotel, where I'll be performing this Friday & Saturday.

My wife Sue is loving the trip even though we have put in many kilometers. Tomorrow we may checkout the dinosaure tracks.

Keep you eye out for some cool pics...

Cheers For Now ! xoxo

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